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Access to view data in CustomPolicy class
answered 16-06-2020 00:02:45 -0400

We have a need where we will receive user roles as a view parameter value, then that parameter will be parsed within a custom policy to make sure the role exist, then that role needs to be translated to actual values (which exists in a view within a co...

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Denodo 7.0 custom policy

Jar could not be deleted: error removing JAR: Error loading user
answered 05-06-2020 01:51:57 -0400

Version: Denodo 7.0 I am getting same error as explained in the QA at https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=9060g00000009rlAAA&title=Error+removing+JAR%3A+Error+loading+User%28XXXXXX%29 Jar could not be deleted: error r...

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Denodo 7.0 custom policy

Error removing JAR: Error loading User(XXXXXX)
answered 01-06-2020 09:41:49 -0400

Hi, I used the custom policy code provided in samples and added a user check and query contains check. Now i cannot delete the jar from jar management and get errors. Error removing JAR: Error loading User(XXXXXX) What is the solution for this? Than...

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custom policy Denodo 6.0

Restricting / slice of data to be accessed from denodo views
answered 24-10-2019 07:10:02 -0400

we would like to ensure that only a specified time interval data ( say 10 days of data) can be retrieved from denodo views. assuming that table has time series data l. we would like to accept only those queries which are selecting data within specified...

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custom policy data security data restriction

Identify views/roles on which custom policy is applied
answered 20-12-2016 10:13:27 -0500

I have created a custom policy and have asked our denodo administrator to apply them on few roles and views. I would like to verify those details (since I do not rights to apply custom policies). Is there a stored procedure or function which will allow...

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custom policy list dependencies

Multiple policies on Web Services based on Users
answered 15-11-2016 07:08:56 -0500

We are trying to see if we can have a web service that is authenticated by LDAP, that will have multiple accepted users. Do we have capabilities in Denodo to have different policies setup for each user? Policies can be like maximum number of rows or an...

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custom policy Web Service

Restriction using custom policy
answered 09-12-2015 10:40:40 -0500

I want to build the custom policy to restrict the number of records returned as well as limiting user for CPU\Memory consumption. do we have anywhere documentation or example around it.

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custom policy