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Denodo Monitor as Windows service
answered 30-08-2017 08:34:12 -0400

I am following the instructions here, but unable to create a service. Using Denodo Platform 6.0. Execution stops from this place and it reaches exit statement: if exist "%JAVA_BIN%" ( if "%1"=="start" goto :doStart if "%1"=="stop" goto :doStop if "%1"=...

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Denodo Monitor windows

Denodo Monitor Service Not Maintaining Running Status
answered 14-07-2017 17:15:59 -0400

Hello, I just finished following this tutorial on two machines. The first machine worked flawlessly and is running well (my local dev machine). However, after performing this on the DEV server (running Windows Server 2012), I am experiencing issues k...

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Teradata as Cache Database and Configuring Monitoring Tool for Teradata
answered 24-04-2017 16:56:47 -0400

Teradata as cache Database: Does Denodo supports Teradata as caching database ? If yes then is it works as other RDBMS system does ? I wanted to confirm if I setup Teradata as cache database, element delegation such as function, subquery, etc, should w...

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Can Denodo Monitor Logs be written to external storage?
answered 17-07-2015 07:19:07 -0400

Can monitor logs be written to an external drive mapped on the server rather than the default location (Denodo_Monitor/logs) or the relational database ? Denodo Version 5.0

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Denodo Monitor

Denodo Monitor logs: Starttime, endtime, duration, waitingtime: does the "duration" include waitingtime? Is the starttime the time Denodo received the query or the time Denodo started running the query?
answered 07-01-2015 10:17:07 -0500

Hello! For Denodo monitor: Does the "duration" include waitingtime? (For example, if my duration is 3500 and my waitingtime is 1200, did Denodo take 2300ms to run the query?) Is the starttime the time Denodo received the query or the time Denodo st...

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Encrypting the jdbcagent password in the Denodo Monitor ConfigurationParameters.properties file
answered 22-12-2014 04:19:24 -0500

Hello! How are we supposed to encrypt the vdpqueries.jdbcagent.password property for Denodo Monitor? I tried using the Denodo Monitor/bin/encrypt_password.bat file (that didn't work) I tried connecting to my database in Denodo, exporting the VQL, the...

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