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answered 04-02-2019 06:22:44 -0500

Getting these error so oftenly and then denodo server get hang and not responding "Caused by: com.denodo.vdb.catalog.storage.StorageInternalException: Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects at com.denodo.vdb.catalog.storage.DBDerby...

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derby Error

Derby Cache Exception in Log and no Cache results returning
answered 21-07-2015 08:46:26 -0400

Created a base view which has custom sql to create it that comes back with two text columns. Both vase view and original database have those columns set as varchar(1024). When executing the base view with cache invalidate it returns rows back. When ...

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cache derby

derby database server
answered 20-10-2014 04:24:14 -0400

Is derby database based on flat-file or any other rdbms ?

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