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Email Alerts
answered 19-09-2019 07:05:10 -0400

Hi, Is it possible to send out emails when there is a change in record counts or if new records has been inserted in the view?

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record count alert email

Can Denodo use Email as a Data Source?
answered 28-03-2019 11:52:55 -0400

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use an email as a data source? Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards,

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Data Source email

Send attachment or job result in mail from Denodo Scheduler 6.0
answered 13-12-2017 07:19:26 -0500

Hi Team, Can we send mail attachment or job result in email for a job in Denodo Scheduler 6.0. Also can we customize job's mail body for each job in Denodo Scheduler 6.0. Thanks, Akram

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Denodo Scheduler 6.0 email

email notification is query runs for long
answered 11-12-2017 08:14:25 -0500

Hi Team, If a view is taking long to return result (it may be executed from Denodo VDP or via third party conenctivity to Denodo), is it possible to get an email alert. Thanks

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QueryTimeout email

Error while sending email through "email-exported-files" plugin
answered 20-07-2017 05:11:23 -0400

I am trying to send an email through "email-exported-files", but I am getting below error.. “ Handler Errors: {email-exported-files=[Not found parameter: the message cannot be sent. Missing configuration parameter: 'Mail/password']}” Please help me to ...

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alert Denodo Scheduler 6.0 email Scheduler Mail Configuration

Issues in scheduling an email in scheduler
answered 13-01-2017 06:19:03 -0500

Hello, I was trying to send email using scheduler and when I try to add the smtp information in the 'Edit mail configuration' settings (in denodo 6 update 20160429), I get the following errors. Could you please suggest how to go about it. | SMTP Serv...

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scheduler email

Email Alert/Notification for errors/failures
answered 04-08-2016 05:56:48 -0400

Hi, I would like to find out if there is any way we can set Alerts & Notifications if there are any errors or failures on any of the views/objects executed in Denodo? Thanks

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notification alert failure error email