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Joining JDBC and ODBC base views, fail execution (ODBC error)

I am doing the first course of the Denodo Developer Certification. I am trying to join (inner join, any type of join method) bv_wo_customer table, from an Oracle-JDBC based source, with bb_cc_service_call, from an MS Access-ODBC based source, by commo...

ODBC Access JDBC join


Adding Logic to Join View

Hello, I am having some issues designing a solution to a feature that I need to create. Scenario: I have a data set with a specific field that needs to be modified when a condition true is passed in from the web service and not modified when a condi...

VQL REST join Logic Web Service


All joins are executed when creating Star Schema

Hi Team I am having a star schema with 1 fact and 5 Dimensions .I created a view and Checked the data through Denodo. If I pull form column from 1 Dimension and one fact measure only small query should be fired against the Database and give me result...



multiple joins lead to nesting behavior

Best practice in de model-desinger for building multiple joins from one driving table (A), it is going to nest joins. From one driving table two LEFT JOIN's (B, C) and normal joins (A+D) always result in some nesting behavior. Should this be put in as ...

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Getting error with un-clear error messagge in VDP

Hi, While I am adding a view and corresponding join into a derived view, its giving following error while saving the changes. "Unexpected error executing operation: Index:3, Size: 3" Can someone help me to interprete the error better and get it respo...

VDP join derived view


error in using join

I created a view it is working fine then i created a new view from previous one using group by this view is also working fine but when i join these two views it is giving error there are two fields where the error is coming if i remove that two fields ...



Optimizing Join Operation on BAPI returning arrays

Hi, I have one Bapi returning a single row where the output columns are arrays. input_param1, input_param2, t_header_array, t_order_array,t_another_array, t_another2_array As part of the transformation i need to flatten all the 4 arrays to add some...

BAPI join


Joining on a trunc'd date

We have a calendar view in Database A that contains a primary key "date_id" which is a date at midnight (ex: 10/15/2014). The view contains other rollup data such as week number, year, is holiday..etc. It is used primarily for warehousing. We have a...

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