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Store logs in csv format S3
answered 10-09-2020 04:03:05 -0400

Hello, I have set up the log4j.xml file to store the VDP-queries log to S3 location. I can see that the files stored are in an unreadable format. Can you please let me know if I can store them in csv format? I have followed the below link to set it up...

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AWS S3 query logs logging log4j2.xml

update values in log4j2.xml using virtual dataport VQL
answered 26-09-2018 10:47:00 -0400

I've seen commands to update configuration parameters. Is it possible to change the "filename" and "filePattern" parameter within "RollingFile" for QUERIESOUT using VQL ? Or has this to be done by editing log4j2.xml directly?

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Virtual DataPort v6.0 log4j2.xml