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row security
answered 09-09-2022 08:54:17 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo 7.0 Where to find 'mask' and 'map' functions ? I saw them here: https://www.denodo.com/en/video/demo/product-demonstration-centralize-security-and-governance-data-virtualization Thanks.

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Data Masking: Replace NULL
answered 26-11-2021 05:38:05 -0500

Hi , If we mark a field as sensitive, user can view the value as NULL. Can we replace the field value from NULL to a set of characters. For e.g: Id=98201 (Unmasked) Id=9 * 1 (Masked) Thanks

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Data Mask mask

Number formatting - equivalent to to_char?
answered 12-05-2021 05:12:49 -0400

I need to format a number as 9,999.00 (ex: 2,324.22). In Oracle I would use the to_char function. Do you have any built-in functions that would do anything similar?

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VDp mask

answered 24-05-2018 08:13:44 -0400

what are the ways can be used for masking

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