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Data getting removed from Materialized Table
answered 24-11-2021 07:43:20 -0500

Version 7.0.20190903 Oracle 12c as Cache DB. Hi We are using Materialized Table to store some project specific configurations. We are observing erratic behaviour- Materialized Table is getting truncated after 15-20 days. We understand that Cache Clea...

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Materialized Table

Materialized Tables
answered 18-11-2019 13:51:57 -0500

Hi Team, Please provide differences between Materialized vs Temporary tables Their use cases Documentation links Thanks.

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materialized table

Meterialized View Update
answered 17-09-2019 08:32:40 -0400

Is it possible to update a materialised table by joining it other base view?

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materialized table update

Run a query in a JOB to create a table
answered 22-05-2019 20:54:44 -0400

I read data from different datasources (EXCEL), and I do a complex process to get a final result. In the middle of this process I created a materialized table, to improve the performance of the process. I have a job in the scheduler, that get data fro...

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Job scheduler materialized table