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Invalid Identifier(too long) Error
answered 23-11-2021 05:03:30 -0500

Hi team, We are unble to create the base view with length maximun to some Extend. We tried to run the below script , but we are getting the same error set 'com.denodo.vdb.catalog.Catalog.identifiersMaxLength' = '110' Syntax error: invalid identifier:...

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names baseview DENODO Baseview

Denono automatic names for fields when importing base views
answered 16-10-2019 06:15:31 -0400

It seems like Denodo is changing the names when it creates a base-view, from the data source names. I just do not know where to read the rules from. Is there a way to make sure that field names will not be changed (exposed the way they are exposed byt...

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names baseview