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View Parameters disable
answered 05-04-2018 08:21:54 -0400

Hi! Im trying to do the DEN60EDU118 LAB01. In some point it ask us to use view parametes botton. When im trying to do it, the botton is disable it says: "This feature is not allloed by the licence"! I use de lincense provide by the express instalatio...

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Parameter View

Is there a parameter to identify the user currently connected to Denodo?
answered 01-08-2017 08:04:07 -0400

We have a sensitive data set which includes identifiers for Owner and Manager. For the purpose of this example, assume HR info (it's easy to understand). Manager ID~Employee ID~Some stuff.... 444~222~DataColumns for "222" 444~333~DataColumns for "333...

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View Parameters and Aggregation
answered 02-03-2017 08:54:39 -0500

I am fairly new to Denodo and I have read through the Advanced VQL and VDP Administration Guide but I am not able to resolve the following issue: Sample Base View For the sake of this issue, let's consider a base with student, months and rank. ...

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parameter derived view Aggregate

Using pagination with Denodo REST, is there a way to jump to the last page?
answered 17-02-2017 08:59:51 -0500

Is there a way to skip to the last page? For example, when paginating, you give denodo the start_index and also the count of records, is there a parameter I can use to jump to the last records in the dataset?

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Multiple input parameters in REST
answered 10-11-2016 03:43:39 -0500

HI Please let me know how to pass or query multiple inputs for a REST service. Eg. If my REST service has a view with 'Rollnum' in where condition then how shall i fetch the records for the roll numbers "1,,3,6,7" in one go ? Thanks

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input REST multiple Parameters parameter

Input parameter for view
answered 08-07-2016 09:10:53 -0400

Is it possible to set a input parameter in a selection view? We know that it is posible for a derived and base view. But we want to set a input parameter in our selection view. tnx in advanced

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view parameter

Search methods and subquery
answered 24-06-2016 16:12:22 -0400

I am using a webservice source in which I have a parameter in the connection definition. I would like to obtain value(s) for this parameter from another view using a subquery. However during excecuting the whole query an error mesage pops up indicating...

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subquery search methods parameter

Passing a parameter value to a Select field in Form Iterator
answered 24-05-2016 05:10:01 -0400

How do I pass a parameter value to a Select field in the form Iterator object? I have defined an Input field in the Initial component of a process, and would like to dynamically pass the user value to the corresponding Select field of a form in the Fo...

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Form Iterator Select field Parameter

delimited file view parameter
answered 28-10-2014 05:16:42 -0400

Hi, I am not able to create parameter(s) for delimited file based view. Is this a feature ? Arif Zaman

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