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Large post request returns error code 500
answered 26-10-2022 02:43:27 -0400

I am trying to make a post request via Postman to insert rows into a data base table that we have connected trough a Denodo API. When trying to insert aprox. 300 000 rows (in one post request), status code 201 is returned and the rows are succesfully i...

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post Json Error

Not able to escape special character in post body
answered 28-06-2021 22:52:32 -0400

Hello, I am trying to pass this expression: { ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"customerId\"'" : "\"", @CID, "\", " ,"\"'"customerId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"employeeId\"'" : "\"", @EID, "\", " ,"\"'"employeeId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNul...

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post Json JSON Data Source

Denodo Web Service
answered 10-02-2021 06:50:52 -0500

I am able to insert single record in source Table using POST method. Here I am using JSON file format in post body part. When I am trying to insert multiple records in one call it is still inserting one record only. Is there any way to insert multiple ...

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post Json REST API Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

Post operation
answered 06-11-2020 07:33:16 -0500

Is it possible to push the derived view data into target systems using API post operation in denodo?

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post Json #API #Rest_API

Denodo Views
answered 03-07-2018 08:12:42 -0400

Hi Denodo community, I have the following: Data Source: JSON * Name: HTTP CLIENT * Configure: Post * URL: Rest Call The source currently has nested elements, some fields either appear as a register or arrays. I do not want to...

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post Json Base view JSON

POST Json to Denodo REST service
answered 05-10-2016 04:57:06 -0400

Hi, Is it possible to send json as POST operation into a Denodo web service. I need to retrieve rows form datasource according to the i/p data. i/p data will be comma seperated value it can be greater than 256 characters so we wont be able to use GET.

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post Json