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The data source does not support 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk'.
answered 04-10-2021 23:16:00 -0400

I have a data source that is doing a series of calls to an API to pull in a full data (the first time) that takes almost 6 hours. I successfully cached that data into a view -- but now want to only update records everyday that have a "last updated date...

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primary keys Cache Error API

PK assign - Unexpected error executing operation: null
answered 16-03-2021 07:54:30 -0400

I have a baseview I created from our LDAP connection. I am trying to set the field samaccountname as the PK and I get the following error message: Unexpected error executing operation: null Is there a reason for this?

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LDAP primary keys Error

Enforcing primary key
answered 06-06-2018 16:20:29 -0400

In the scenario where we do not have concept of primary/ foreign key in source system such as Snowflake in that case I got to know enforcing primary key in denodo 6 does not assure that i will have unique values for a column or set of columns.What I am...

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primary keys

Primary Key Must?
answered 20-04-2018 03:34:45 -0400

Hello, Does Denodo require primary key on all views even if it is not defined on source system? If yes, Why? What benefits it offer. Thanks, Adinath

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primary keys

Forcing primary key to remove duplicates from a derived view
answered 30-01-2018 13:23:25 -0500

Hiwe havearun 600 columns in our derived view and select distinct Option in the output tab would generate a vql with select distinct on all the 600 columns. This makes the query very expensive on the data source ( fully delegated). Is there a way to fo...

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Duplicates primary keys

How can we insert rows with a sequence generated primary key?
answered 10-10-2014 01:07:01 -0400

We would like to do POST requests to Denodo 5 webservices without including a primary key in the HTTP body/document and then have oracle generate the primary key based on a sequence. The equivalent SQL statement we are trying to mimic in Denodo is: ...

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