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compatibility with pymssql

We are using package pymssql (2.2.4). Is our code comaptible with Denodo as-is, or will we have to mkae changes to use a different package?

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Python SQLAlchemy and connecting to Denodo

Has anyone had any luck in connecting to Denodo via SQLAlchemy (ORM for Python)? Are there any python drivers that with both SQLAlchemy and Denodo? For example, I am able to run queries against Dendo using Python's Psycopg2 driver. However when I try...

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Hello, Thank you for explain that, that's very usefull. Is it possible to use SqlAlchemy instead of those connectors ? If yes can you have a document wich explain that ? Yesterday i tried to do that but it's not work. Thx.

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Executing multiple queries separated by semicolon through python

Hi, Is there any way of executing multiple queries separated by semicolon through jdbc connection via python? Thanks, Aashutosh

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Timestamp error when using Dask

Hi there, I am trying to use the python library dask to work on a large dataframe. Dask requires an index column to chunk or batch the data being pulled into memory and it's best practice to use an int or timestamp type field to split the data. When ...

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How to connect using JDBC driver in Python?

###Connection using JDBC import jaydebeapi hostname = 'server name' port = '####' driver = 'com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver' user = '####' password = '#####' path = '/C:/Users/abc/Desktop/Projects/denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar' url = 'jdbc:vdb://'+hostname+':'+...

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How to Use python to Call solution Manager APJ to deploy Revision

Hi team, We try to use python to call solution manager API to deploy revision, we now have prepare the vql revision file done, can we use python to call the solution manager API to do the deployment?

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How to fetch execution time for Denodo query by python

Hi team, Do we have some way about how to fetch execution time for Denodo query by python script? Or do we have some pre-defined store procedure can be used for this property, we have the requirement to auto-collect the query running time. Thanks.

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Denodo dialect for python

Hi, I downloaded the denodo dialect for python connexion to use with sqlAlchemy on the support site. (Denodo Dialect for SQLAlchemy). I tried to add the dialect like I was told in this article :

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python cur.execute result is not the same as the query result from VDP

Hi team, I used jdbc connect VDP on linux server, I am execute below query in my python script: select * from view_a limit 3; Its result is below: [('2021-03-27', '1970-01-19 10:39:21.600000', '', 'EF\x01\x01', None, None, None, None, None, None, None,...

python VDP cur.result not correct