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Summary rewriting does not work when querying through an interface view
answered 28-04-2021 14:59:53 -0400

Hi, I'm making tests on Summary Rewrite Optimization using Denodo Express 8.0 for Windows 64 bits. I have a base view on an Oracle table (bv_dwhxn_facd). I have an interface view on this base view (iv_bv_dwhxn_facd). To keep it simple the interface ...

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summary query re-write

Aggregate Awareness
answered 09-04-2018 05:09:23 -0400

Not sure if this question belongs in this section, but I would like to know how Denodo handles aggregate awareness. Does Denodo have the ability to be configured logically to pull from a single fact table, but physically have multiple tables at differe...

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Aggregate query re-write