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Revision between vdp servers problem
answered 28-04-2022 00:43:32 -0400

Good afternoon. There are 2 vdp servers in the same environment and cluster. I'm trying to make a revision of the elements from the first vdp to the second. But when selecting elements, the databases that were previously created on the first vdp are no...

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Data Catalog - Part of Revision
answered 20-04-2022 08:32:40 -0400

Hello, Data Catalog is not part of revision? In my dev I have sync vdp to data catalog and I have created all the Tags, Description and Business Glossarys. While I doing the revision or code promotion, I dont see any option for data catalog. Is the...

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Data Catalog revision

How to Use python to Call solution Manager APJ to deploy Revision
answered 06-01-2022 03:58:09 -0500

Hi team, We try to use python to call solution manager API to deploy revision, we now have prepare the vql revision file done, can we use python to call the solution manager API to do the deployment?

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Solution Manager API Deploy Python revision