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Error retrieving data from csv file using SFTP
answered 18-05-2021 02:37:28 -0400

Hi, I am getting below exception while retrieving data from csv file using SFTP. I got partial results. out of 30 csv files ... got partial results from 5 files. can you please help me on this? Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results ...

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sftp sftp data source

Need correct format of URL for SFTP
answered 29-10-2018 04:14:44 -0400

If sftp location is sftp.acme.com, what is the correct URL? sftp://sftp.acme.com? I always get error message: Unable to establish connection:sftp://sftp.acme.com What is the correct URL? If URL above is correct, what other considerations to enable c...

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sftp data source