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How to fetch Current Date Records from a table
answered 25-10-2016 07:27:32 -0400

Team, We are using Denodo as Database. I have a table and I should not hard code the current date. I tried using currentdate, sysdate and the SQL is throwing error. Please help me on this! select * from EMP where EMPdate='2016-10-24' Thanks! Kiran

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denodo 6.0 SQL Server

How to connect MySql5 to Denodo
answered 03-10-2016 19:31:52 -0400

Hi Expert Team, I am using Denodo Express Tool and I am very new user . I am taking help from Tutorial . I have intsalled My Sql5 on my Machine and created new Schema as Ganesh . In Ganesh , I have created database as 'acm_cm1' and under which I hav...

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SQL Server

Unable to see SQL Server tables in VDP
answered 09-05-2016 05:02:24 -0400

Hi, I was able to create a JDBC connection to SQL Server. However, I'm unable to see the tables when I go to the 'Create base view' tab. The test ID was given full admin rights to the schema. And I'm able to query the tables successfully within SSMS. ...

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VDP SQL Server