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i have two field one for years and the other for month i want to combine the to one field of type timpstamp i used the function to_timestamp but it did not work

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current_timestamp wrong when compare my local time

when i execute this query: select current_timestamp result is: 2022-09-15 19:42:17.255-07:00 and my local time is : 2022-09-16 09:42:17.255-07:00 it has a difference of 14 hours it can be tricked with using the addhour function how it can be automatic...



Timestamp error when using Dask

Hi there, I am trying to use the python library dask to work on a large dataframe. Dask requires an index column to chunk or batch the data being pulled into memory and it's best practice to use an int or timestamp type field to split the data. When ...

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Format Odd TEXT Date to Timestamp

I have a field called date that is coming in as text as the following format and I am having trouble converting it to a valid time stamp: 9 - Sep - 2019 19:35 Can anyone help with the formatting of the function?

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Convert text to Timestamp

Hello. I am trying to convert a text to timestamp: My text has this format dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss I am using this function to_timestamp('dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss', bv_ho_orders.date_placed) When I convert to timestamp some of the dates are null. ...

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18 digit timestamp LDAP timestamp conversion

I have a timestamp field in the following 18 digit format from our LDAP 132332110839739771 Is there any easy way to convert this to a standard date format? based on converter online this is the value: Epoch/Unix time: 1588737483 GMT: Wednesday, Ma...

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Timestamp From 24 Hours Ago of Current Timestamp

Hello, I know that I can get the current timestamp using the currenttimestamp function. I wanted to know what is the right way to subtract 24 hours from the timestamp returned from that function, in order to find the timestamp of exactly 24 hours befo...

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oracle "date" column convert to "timestamp" column in Denodo

Hi team, I have view sourced from oracle, which contains date type column, when created this view, denodo converted the date column to "timestamp" automatically, and when tried to convert it to "localdate", the error is showing "the field has an incomp...

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Data catalog change timestamp type fields format

Hello, Currently when we query views containing fields of type "timestamp" in our Data Catalog, the data in these fields is formated in an odd way like the following example: Mon Dec 05 09:52:00 2005 When querying the same view through the VDP...

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Create new date field from a timestamp

Hi. I have two views in Denodo (in different datebases). I want to join the two on date (and another ID). However, the views do not have date, they only store timestamp. I want to get just the date from the timestamp in both views and join them. Here ...

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