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Adding or Editing Items in a Sharepoint list via a Denodo view/query
answered 15-12-2022 17:41:25 -0500

Please advise if there is anyway to Edit or Add Items on a Sharepoint List via an existing OData connection view. is this possible or are you only able to "read" a SharePoint list via Denodo?

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update List SharePoint

Denodo 8 Admin tool update issue
answered 25-05-2022 12:37:27 -0400

I downloaded denodo-v80-update- 20220126 from below link. https://support.denodo.com/resources/update/details/3086 . Followed below steps Launch the Denodo Platform Control Center by running the command <DENODO HOME>bin\denodo_platform.bat Choose...

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Update statement
answered 01-03-2022 05:48:35 -0500

Hi, how can i run an update statement? I have views and then views built on top of those views, but i also need to run an update statement. How can i do that, does it need to be in a stored procedure? I am hoping that there is a way to run updates etc ...

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Next update
answered 24-01-2022 07:50:21 -0500

We would like to know when the next VDP and Solution Manager updates will be available? This is so we can schedule our system updates. Thank you, Bill

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denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar fails command line update
answered 22-07-2021 03:07:00 -0400

./jre/bin/java /opt/denodo/updates-for-denodo-20210715/denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar "/opt/denodo/denodo_platform_8_0" -c Error: Could not find or load main class .opt.denodo.updates-for-denodo-20210715.denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar Caused b...

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Denodo 8.0 update Error Virtual DataPort

Wrapper name cannot be updated when changing the base view name
answered 26-04-2021 08:26:58 -0400

Hi Team, We understandm when we create a base view, Denodo will get the wrapper created firstly and then the base view created on the basis of wrapper. And the wrapper name has the same name as the base view. However we found this case, after we create...

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base view name update wrapper name

How to link Solution Manager to the Denodo updates repository?
answered 18-08-2020 06:35:51 -0400

How to link the Denodo solution manager to the Denodo update repository. I cannot see any option to link it up in solution manager web admin tool. I recently installed the denodo 7.0 and it doesn't have lastest update installed.

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Denodo 7.0 SolutionManager update

Simulating an Update statement in Denodo
answered 18-08-2020 03:14:45 -0400

How do we simulate below statement in a derived view in Denodo update fw_denodo_table a set a.column1 = b.column2 from denodo_table2 b where a.column2 = b.column3 and a.column5 = b.column6 and a.year=2019; Please advise

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joins update derived view

Meterialized View Update
answered 17-09-2019 08:32:40 -0400

Is it possible to update a materialised table by joining it other base view?

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materialized table update

Denodo cross database insert
answered 17-09-2019 08:30:45 -0400

Hi, Is it possible to insert records in denodo from a base view of database vdb1 into another base view of database vdb2. Insert records into vdb1 from select * from vdb2; if the records exists we need to update those records.

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insert update