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Listing Committed Elements
answered 15-05-2019 18:10:21 -0400

Is it possible to get a list of what has been VCS committed? I see there is a number listed of items that has been committed and pending a push, but how to find out what they are?

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github vcs commit

Error setting up SVN source control
answered 04-04-2019 07:11:52 -0400

I am getting the following error when trying to create an environment in the VCS Management window: Error creating environment: error creating environment: Error while executing svn status: Cannot run program "svn" (in directory "C:\Denodo\Denodo Plat...

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admin denodo 6.0 VDP VCS SVN

Are newer versions of subversion supported on Denodo 7
answered 15-02-2019 07:28:14 -0500

I noticed that the documentation refers to supporting Subversion 1.7. Our version of the CVS repository is slightly newer than that. Will it work correctly.

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How to handle branching in Denodo
answered 24-04-2018 05:10:06 -0400

When looking at Git as a potential VCS repository for development in Denodo, how exactly do we handle branching, e.g. when implementing the Gitflow Workflow? This requires several branches of which some can be mapped to an environment (e.g. develop b...

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Git VCS branching

Environment management with Version Control (TFS specifically)
answered 09-03-2018 07:33:16 -0500

The VCS documentation is not all that clear, especially when it comes to environment management. When using VCS with several environments, we see that Denodo checks in a .properties file for each environment, containing only their name and description....

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TFS Environments VCS Properties

Issue checking out using VDP from TFS
answered 24-05-2017 06:02:55 -0400

Version: 6.0 Latest Update: denodo-v60-update-20161219 Error Message: "An error was found: error checking /databases/myDatabase out: Error: includeCreateDatabase option was selected but the repository does not contain the file '--path to local reposit...

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TFS VDP Source Control VCS

Error importing the remote DB.
answered 31-08-2016 07:53:51 -0400

we are getting the error whie importing the data base:we are using SVN 2016-08-30 17:33:32 [ INFO] STARTING DENODO TAG databases ['investments_v1_0'] 2016-08-30 17:33:32 [ INFO] Working dir is /logs/oppen/denodo/svdenodo/2016-08-30-17-33-32 2016-08-30 ...

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answered 26-08-2016 07:46:56 -0400

From VDP administrator guide: "16.1.1 Virtual DataPort Server Configuration When working with Microsoft TFS, if you clear this check box, Virtual DataPort will use the Windows authentication to connect to the TFS server. Therefore, the Windows user tha...

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Any updates on Git support
answered 28-01-2016 10:45:18 -0500

I was wondering if there is any update on the roadmap for supporting Git as a VCS system? Our organization uses Git as the default source control, and I am trying to decide if we need to use TFS or SVN as an interim, but if the Git support is close I ...

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Reverting changes to Virtual Databases that are under VCS Control?
answered 06-10-2015 10:42:32 -0400

Hello! I have many databases that are connected to our VCS system (SVN) and I'm able to run the checkin and checkout. However, many times I've made some changes to a data source or view that I want to UNDO... I want to throw my change away and revert...

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version control vcs svn