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Separate logs by database
answered 11-12-2014 05:42:28 -0500

Is there a way to change the log4j settings so that each database gets its own log on a Denodo server? I know there are wrappers that can read log files and probably filter these out, but I wanted to see if there was another way to do it. So Ideally ...

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VDP log

Join to a cached view twice, but only fetch once
answered 04-12-2014 14:04:24 -0500

I have view emp (jdbc) and view ad (LDAP). AD is a partially cached view. We join emp.id to ad.id and it works great. Now I need to also join emp.supervisor_id to ad.id to get the supervisor information. When I look at the execution trace, it app...

Answers: 2

cache VDP

LDAP Cross-Forest Connection
answered 25-11-2014 09:21:56 -0500

We have an established 2 way trust between our Active Directory forest and a sister companies forest. I am able to access their Sharepoint instance. I am however having trouble in 2 areas in Denodo: 1) When I try to connect to their AD domain in an ...

Answers: 4

vdp ldap

Delete old patches
answered 19-11-2014 16:32:48 -0500

I looked at $DENODO_HOME/patches and it's over 2gb since we've updated it every month. Can I clear out old files less than the current installed version without corrupting anything?

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Managing Roles
answered 29-10-2014 17:24:53 -0400

Our database is set for LDAP Authentication. We use a model where we have one giant database with all of our data views instead of many separate databases. We have been importing LDAP roles, but as we add more views and people request unique permissi...

Answers: 3

vdp roles

Joining on a trunc'd date
answered 17-10-2014 13:54:46 -0400

We have a calendar view in Database A that contains a primary key "date_id" which is a date at midnight (ex: 10/15/2014). The view contains other rollup data such as week number, year, is holiday..etc. It is used primarily for warehousing. We have a...

Answers: 10

vdp join