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Using variable within interpolation function suffix
answered 11-04-2017 08:04:38 -0400

Is it possible to add somehow another interpolation variable to interpolation function suffix. Following does not work. input2 does not get resolved to value ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull(" WHEN ",@input1," = 4 THEN @{input2}")

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Automatically Updating Column Names
answered 31-03-2017 10:43:31 -0400

So, we have the following layers that we have built in Denodo: [[BOTTOM]] --Base views (tables from data source) --Derived views (again, the tables) --Combined views (formatted tables) --Service views (tables rearranged to data objects) --REST Web Ser...

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VQL automate

Derive container Folder of a data sources or a base view using vql
answered 26-01-2017 12:50:44 -0500

Is it possible to derive container Folder of a data sources or a base views using catalog vqls?

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VQL Querying Folder/Database/Table information through JDBC
answered 25-01-2017 04:59:43 -0500

is it possible that I VQL query from external application using JDBC to find Folder name which contains a given view/data source name? Also is it possible to VQL query from external application using JDBC to find the database name of a given data sour...

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Using NOLOCK hint in VQL Select statement
answered 20-01-2017 05:51:47 -0500

Is it possible to use NOLOCK hint in select statement on SQL Source

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VQL Sql performance SQL Server

Denodo Function Executing VQL
answered 21-12-2016 04:56:20 -0500

Hi, Is it possible for a custom Denodo Function to execute a vql statement? I am trying to insert something like this into my function: ResultSet resultSet = getEnvironment().executeQuery(query, params); Thanks!

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VQL Custom Functions

No search methods ready to be run. The following fields are obligatory in the view
answered 09-12-2016 10:34:13 -0500

I have exported VIEWS from my dev Denodo and tried to import that to my local. It got imported successfully. But when I am executing the VIEWs, it is throwing me below error: Finished with error: No search methods ready to be run. The following fields...

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VQL import vql import export

How can I can run VQL from a CSV file in the Scheduler?
answered 23-06-2016 08:59:12 -0400

Hello, We are trying to create a job that will run the VQL of "DESC VQL DATABASE" that we have stored in a CSV file. For our extration we just have the file parameter, the datasource of the file, and the parameter mappings of the file and source 0. ...

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Vql Scheduler

Catalog metadata file not found null
answered 02-03-2016 12:27:54 -0500

Hi, I have connected to a hive datasource and imported a table using "Create selected base views". I can see the table on the left hand side panel. But when I execute the view, the following error pops up : TABLE [BASE] [ERROR] TABLE [JDBC WRAPPER] [...

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VQL meta data view VDP query

where to put VQL in Multi cluster environment?
answered 26-10-2015 17:23:10 -0400

I have to connect multiple database and create multi cluster environment, I want to know where to put VQL for multi cluster environment and which would be the best way to control configure VQL. Is it require multiple VQL or single VQL can control all?

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