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Services fail to start, referring to wrapper.startup.timeout
answered 07-06-2022 05:34:12 -0400

The Denodo 8 services failed to start on a Windows 2019 machine (startup type = Automatic). When looking at the logs, I found the following message: WARNING|7680/0|22-06-01 12:10:45|startup of java application timed out. if this is due to server over...

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service windows timeout

How to change default port of Virtual DataPort Server 9999 to other available port?
answered 02-11-2020 02:21:11 -0500

How to change default port of Virtual DataPort Server 9999 to other available port? I'm using Denedo Express 64Bit version. Thank You! LakshmiNarayana J.

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64-Bit Windows Virtual DataPort

When trying to start "licensemanager.bat" from Ansible (running on (Red Hat 4.8.5-39)), Ansible window is not coming back to prompt even after running the bat file.
answered 10-02-2020 19:07:09 -0500

When trying to start "licensemanager.bat" from Ansible (running on (Red Hat 4.8.5-39)), Ansible (Version 2.9.3) window is not coming back to ansible prompt even after running the bat file on the remote server. python version = 2.7.5 Below please find...

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java licensemanager startup Ansible winrm windows virtual data port startup from remote Starting from remote using Ansible

ODBC binding parameters
answered 23-12-2019 17:54:49 -0500

I'm connecting true the ODBC driver form PHP to the denodo database. I'm using pdo and want to make use of binding parameters in de code. e.q.: This works: $denodo = new DenodoDatabase(); $sql = "SELECT * from orders where ordernumber = 20753852 limi...

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ODBC php Bindparam Windows

Windows services dependencies
answered 15-02-2019 06:58:24 -0500

Hi, is there a specific order or sequence that has to be kept in mind when starting the Denodo services on a Windows environment? Thanks in advance!

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Denodo on windows 64bit - 'Virtual DataPort Server' won't start
answered 08-12-2017 08:26:58 -0500

I installed Denodo as administrator and have pointed java home to a 1.8 JRE. In 'Denodo Platform Control Center' the 'self-service' and 'diagnostic' servers are able to start. But the 'virtual dataport server' never starts it shows 'stopped' even if cl...

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VDP server VDP windows Denodo server starting trouble.

Denodo Monitor as Windows service
answered 30-08-2017 08:34:12 -0400

I am following the instructions here, but unable to create a service. Using Denodo Platform 6.0. Execution stops from this place and it reaches exit statement: if exist "%JAVA_BIN%" ( if "%1"=="start" goto :doStart if "%1"=="stop" goto :doStop if "%1"=...

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Denodo Monitor windows

Troubleshooting document on common Java/JDBC configuration issues (on Windows)?
answered 24-07-2015 03:58:29 -0400

Just did a fresh install of Denodo and tried to set up a JDBC datasource pointing to SQL Server 2012, and got the following errors: JTDS Sql Server 2012 driver: Unable to create data source: Unable to establish connection: I/O Error: SSO Failed: Nati...

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JDBC windows

Install Denodo Express without Windows admin rights
answered 09-07-2015 04:57:12 -0400

Hi, I've never used Denodo SW before. Does anybody have experience in installing Denodo Express without Windows Admin rights (so just running off a 100% pure Java jre under Windows)? Tom

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windows new installation