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Inconsistent behavior when connecting to a Odata2 source.

Hi. We are facing an issue when trying to connect to a SharePoint source in Denodo to create Base Views. On Developmet environments we are able to create the views and to use them retrieving data, on the Testing environment they do not. The configurati...

ODATA odata2 wrapper custom wrapper

"Output can be undefined" possible solutions

Hi, So I have been getting this "iterator output can be undefined" error It is output to many different sequences, but I can't seem to figure out why I am getting this error. All the iterator holds is a record contructor that holds the extracted data o...


Filtering out duplicate values

I am using ITPilot Wrapper Tool to grab clients report numbers, navigate to a URL to get their data (name and email), and input it in a website that then sends them an email requesting them to do a certain task for us. My problem is we have clients wit...


Credential setup for "Distributed file system data source -- (H)DFS parquet file wrapper

Hi team, I am reading document "" to setup data source and wrapper for hfds parquet file, I understand we need...

dfs security credential connection was forcibly closed hdfs wrapper parquet

Steps for Custom Wrapper Migration from Denodo 7 to Denodo 8

Hi Team, Can you provide us the ways and steps on how can we migrate the custom wrappers from denodo 7 to denodo 8

Denodo 8.0 Wrapper Migration

Able to Connect to a SharePoint list but all Multi-select fields are missing

I am able to connect with OAuth2 to our Sharepoint site and pull down various lists, without issues. However, I have noticed that any fields that are "multi-select" are missing from the schema. Is there a setting I need to change to get this to work?

Related to: Microsoft SharePoint as data source

Wrapper Missing SharePoint

Start navigation with url parameters

Hi! I am trying to start a wrapper navigation with a dynamic url and I can't find how to insert the parameters into the inial url. My idea is something like this: http://myurl?param1=@param1&param2=@param2 and setting param1 and param2 dynamically....


Unable to view Assign Examples & Review Examples tab in IE

Hi Team Am using licensed version of Denodo VDP 6.0. I have issue's while working with ITPilot Wrapper generation tool. If i open the browser(IE) from Wrapper Generation tool am not getting the denodo tool bar options, but if i open the local IE brows...


Wrapper contains unsupported commands

Hi! I have "Wrapper contains unsupported commands" when I try to upload vql file to wrapper server in denodo v6.0. If I deploy the wrapper from ITPilot Wrapper Generation Tool to wrapper server directly, the process works fine, but If I create VQL file...


How to change database schema of Oracle base views

Hi, in our development system (denodo 6.0, latest update) we frequently want to change the database schema of many existing base views belonging to the same Oracle data source. The problem is that the schema name is included in every JDBC wrapper, fo...

Denodo 6.0 JDBC oracle wrapper