Denodo Education provides badges that recognize the achievement of Denodo Certifications. Only individuals who have earned a Denodo Certification can display a Denodo Badge.

In order to protect the value of Denodo Certifications, Denodo has provided the following guidelines (the “Denodo Badge Terms”), which will help you to better understand how to use your Denodo Badge correctly and easily. You may only use your Denodo Badge in ways that are specified in the Denodo Badge Terms.

In general, you cannot display the Denodo Badge in a way that implies a relationship or affiliation with Denodo, or to suggest that Denodo sponsors or endorses your product or service.

Where to use the Denodo Badge

Pages and Social Media

Denodo Badges may be displayed on your personal web site or personal profile(s) as long as it is directly associated with your name and email.

Denodo maintains an up-to-date online registry of individuals who have earned Denodo Certification. To verify a Certification holder's status, the Denodo Badge must be displayed with a link to the Denodo Professional Certification Registry.


A Denodo Badge may be used in your email signature(s). The Denodo Badge must be used with a link to the Denodo Professional Certification Registry. Specifically, your verification profile can be linked with the Badge, by specifying:

  • your email in the link. For example:
  • your Certification Id in the link. For example:< Certification Id > the Certification id proves that your certification has been authorized or stamped by Denodo. It is sent to you when you have passed a Denodo Certification.

Business Cards, Letterheads and Advertising

The Denodo Badge may be used on your personal business cards, personalized letterhead, or in advertising and other promotional materials ONLY if such materials are directly associated with your name and personal email, as explained above.

Badge Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to use of active Denodo Badges:

  • The Denodo Badge may not be used by any individual who has not earned a Denodo Certification.
  • The Denodo Badge may not appear on or in connection with any marketing materials for any individual other than individual who personally earned the Denodo Certification.
  • The Denodo Badge may not appear on any materials (i) that disparage Denodo, its partners, or its products or services; (ii) that infringe upon any Denodo intellectual property or other rights; or (iii) that violate any state, federal, or foreign law or regulation.

Text References

The name of all available Denodo Certifications may be used in descriptive text, provided that such text makes fair and accurate references, in Denodo’s sole discretion, to the Denodo Certification program and to the accurate Denodo Certification status of the individual. Additionally, you may not use the Denodo Badge in a manner that could be reasonably interpreted to suggest that the descriptive text represents the views or opinion of Denodo or Denodo’s personnel.

  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Certified Administrator
  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Certified Developer
  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Certified Architect
  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Trained Administrator
  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Trained Developer
  • Denodo Platform 7.0 Trained Architect

How to use the badges

When displaying the Denodo Certification Badges, please follow the guidelines explained below.

1. Physical Requirements

Clear space: The minimum clear space around the badge is equal to the height of the icon in the Denodo logo.

Minimum size: please limit minimum size to 25 mm in print applications and 100px in digital.

2. Color Palette

CMYK (%) 49,93,44,31 45,93,39,19 38,93,36,10 99,70,33,17 94,60,29,9 93,58,18,2 5,67,95,0 0,57,83,0 0,48,83,0 0,0,0,10 0,84,73,0
RGB (0-255) 109,38,77 130,46,92 153,51,102 0,77,115 3,94,133 0,102,153 229,110,31 243,134,54 246,152,55 230,231,232 240,81,73
HEX #6D264D #822d5b #d4d4d4 #004c72 #025e84 #006699 #e56e1f #f38636 #f69837 #e6e7e8 #F05149

3. Bages Usage

Correct Use:

  • The primary badge should be used whenever is possible with a white background.
  • The badge can also be used in greyscale exclusively in situations where color is not an option.

Incorrect Use:

  • Never use the design on similarly-colored backgrounds or backgrounds with a wide range of colors.
  • Never stray from the color palette or switch the colors.
  • Do not add any other graphic element to the Logo or rearrange elements of the actual design.
  • Never stretch or distort the Logo.

Other Terms and Conditions

By using one or more Denodo Badges, you hereby acknowledge Denodo’s ownership of such Denodo Badge(s) and all associated intellectual property rights therein, agree not to challenge or otherwise carry out any act that would impair Denodo’s rights in the Denodo Badge(s) and further agree not to register or otherwise attempt to obtain any rights in the Denodo Badge(s) or any confusingly similar mark. Nothing herein is intended to grant you any right in any Denodo Badge(s) other than the right to use the Denodo Badge(s) in accordance with the requirements set forth herein. Your right to use any Denodo Badge will terminate on the earlier of (i) the termination or expiration of the Denodo Certification associated with such Denodo Badge, or (ii) Denodo’s termination, in its sole discretion, of your right to use the Denodo Badge(s). Denodo reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your right to use the Denodo Badge(s) in the event of any use that violates these Denodo Badge Terms.