The Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate (DEN80EDUCAA) exam tests architects’ knowledge of the Denodo Platform, and validates if they have the skills required by companies that use Denodo Platform 8.0.

DEN80EDUCAA aims to provide organizations that use Denodo Platform 8.0 with a means of identifying suitably qualified data architects who understand the role and position of the Denodo Platform within their broader information architecture.

Contents of the exam

This exam covers the following technical topics and subject areas:

Preparing for the Certification Exam

Based on your previous experience with the Denodo Platform, we recommend you a some steps that you can follow before taking the Certification exam:

I had never used the Denodo Platform

The certification exams are hard! Preparation is critical to pass it. Before trying it, we recommend you to start checking the Denodo Platform documentation, try the Denodo Express edition of the Denodo Platform, see the Denodo Community.

The Denodo Community is where customers, partners, and users have access to information that can help them learn about the Denodo Platform and data virtualization. To earn a Denodo certification, begin by following these steps to start learning about data virtualization:

  • Complete the tutorials. These tutorials offer the first steps to learning about data virtualization and the Denodo Platform.
  • View the free videos. These videos offer help with specific topics.
  • Explore the technical articles in our knowledge base.
  • Get deeper knowledge with the official manuals.

Finally, we provide many practical resources to let you experience the capabilities and features of the Denodo Platform for yourself.

  • Denodo Test Drives which, in just two hours, will allow you to experience how the Denodo Platform performs query optimization on large data sets (of 100’s of millions of rows).
  • Denodo Free Trials give you the option of trying out the Denodo Platform for a longer period of time (14 days), either in a Denodo hosted environment or in your own AWS or Azure account.
  • Denodo Express is a free version of the Denodo Platform which you can install and use in your own environment and connect to your own data sources - whether on-premise or in the Cloud

We strongly encourage you to get hands-on experience with the Denodo Platform to better understand its capabilities and applicability. This knowledge will make you better prepared for the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate exam.

I had used the Denodo Platform for a while

As you have some experience with the Denodo Platform, we recommend you to join our Denodo training to improve your Denodo Platform knowledge. For the Architects exam, you can check our training courses for architects.

We recommend that professionals looking to achieve a Denodo certification start by looking at our Denodo training offer on the Denodo Education Site.

These training courses will prepare you for the certification exam:

  • DEN80EDU07A: Data Virtualization Architect: This course covers architectural patterns for the use of data virtualization and best practices for performance optimization, data services governance, scalability and operation. The student will learn how to architect a data virtualization infrastructure to manage the different virtual data workloads with the performance and reliability demanded by the consuming business applications.

I am using the Denodo Platform and I have finished one or more Denodo training courses

Now, as you have done several Denodo training courses, we recommend you to improve your Denodo Platform knowledge by checking the Denodo Platform documentation and using the Denodo Platform before doing the certification exam.

Exam Topics

In this section, you can find the details of the technical topics and subject areas covered by the exam.

Denodo Platform functionality

In this section the examinee should demonstrate that they understand the key capabilities of data virtualization as it relates to the overall information architecture i.e.:

  • Governance and metadata management
  • Security
  • Performance optimization
  • Caching

How to prepare

This is a section that covers the key capabilities of data virtualization. These capabilities are covered in the Data Virtualization Architect course (DEN80EDU07A), specifically the candidate should be familiar with the topics discussed in the following modules of the Data Virtualization Architect course:

  • Introduction to Data Virtualization for Architects
  • Governance, Metadata Management, and Data Catalog
  • Security
  • Performance and Scalability (Part 1)
  • Performance and Scalability (Part 2)

We highly recommend that candidates review all the materials from the Data VIrtualization Architect course prior to taking the exam.

In the Data Virtualization Basics tutorial you will get more information about the functionality of Virtual DataPort.

To help you to understand how it works and help you by practising with the Denodo users and roles, you can see the following videos:

Defining Denodo Platform use scenarios

The questions in this section will cover different use case scenarios for the Denodo Platform. The questions address issues such as where and how to use and deploy the Denodo Platform in complex scenarios.

How to prepare

The Denodo Platform use scenarios are discussed in the following modules of the Data Virtualization Architect course:

  • Introduction to Data Virtualization for Architects
  • Data Virtualization Use Cases
  • Deployment Architectures


In this document, we have reviewed all the sections that are part of the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate exam with details and links to the most relevant Data Virtualization Architect course materials. As we have indicated in different sections, the best way to understand the Denodo Platform and how to apply it within your organization. The candidate can find additional information about the exam in the Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Associate Exam Guide.