Search Engine

The Denodo Aracne administration tool provides the possibility of performing searches and maintenance operations on the indexes created. To do so, it is necessary to follow the link Search Engine in the start screen of the index server administration tool (you can also follow the link Search in Index from the Indexes Administration screen).

The search engine screen (see Search engine screen) allows specifying the following parameters for searching documents in the indexes:

  • Keywords. The keywords required for the search (in appendix Apache Lucene Search Syntax the search syntax can be consulted). This parameter is optional, and if it is not specified then all the documents in the index are returned.

  • Results per page. This indicates the number of results desired per page. The default value is 10.

  • Index. This specifies the index name on which the search is to be made. There exists a default index.

Search engine screen

Search engine screen

Once a query of any of the aforementioned types has been executed, the search result is displayed (see figure below).

If the number of results is greater than the number indicated in the search, the results appear paginated, whereby navigation through all the pagination links (previous results and next results) is required to check all the results obtained.

The fields are shown for each result, which depend on the type of indexed documents and on the index schema considered.

Search results for the query “denodo”

Search results for the query “denodo”

From the search results screen it is possible to eliminate any document from the index. To do so, each document of the result appears associated with a check box and, when selecting one or several documents and pressing the Delete Selected button, these results will be eliminated from the index (each individual document can also be deleted by selecting it and pressing the Delete Item button next to it). There is, moreover, the possibility of eliminating all the documents resulting from a search on the index by clicking the Delete All button.

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