Aracne Server Administration (ARN-CRAWLER)

Once authenticated in the crawling server administration tool, the user can access the configuration screen, where the following possibilities are given (see Crawler configuration screen):

  • Change the administration password of the crawling server.

  • Change the proxy access configuration for the WebBot crawler and the Aracne server (see section Proxy Configuration).

  • Change the ports used by the server (Edit Server Connectivity Details link). The modification will become valid the next time the server is started.


    When the Aracne server and the Administration Tool or other clients are installed in different machines, you may need to change the interface where the server listens to connections. To change this, open the Denodo Control Center, open the “Configuration” dialog and change the “RMI Host” of the “JVM Options”. See more details in the section Virtual Machine and Web Container Configuration of the Installation Guide. The reason for this is that in some environments, when listening to “localhost”, the server does not allow connections from remote hosts.

  • Configure the server concurrence level (see section Execution Threads).

Crawler configuration screen

Crawler configuration screen

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