Execution Threads

The Aracne server uses a pool of reusable threads to manage the execution of concurrent tasks. The parameters that can be configured are as follows:

  • Default number of threads. Intuitively, this parameter indicates the number of threads the system should have active at the same time in normal load conditions (20 by default). Whilst there are fewer threads than this number in the pool, new threads will continue to be created. When a thread is requested and the number of threads in the pool is the same as or more than this value, inactive threads are reused, if they exist; otherwise, new threads will continue to be created until obtaining the value established by the next parameter.

  • Maximum number of threads. This represents the maximum number of pool threads (60 by default).

  • Keep alive timeout (ms). This specifies the maximum time in milliseconds that an inactive thread remains in the pool if the total number of threads exceeds that indicated in “Default number of threads” (0 by default). If the value is 0, the threads created above this value end, once the execution of their task has been completed. Otherwise, those which exceed the time specified in this parameter are removed from the pool.

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