Installation and Execution

The Installation Guide provides all the information required to install Denodo Aracne, including the minimum requirements for hardware and software, and instructions for the use of the installation tool and for the initial system configuration.

Denodo Aracne has three servers:

  • Crawling server (ARN-CRAWLER). This server is responsible for executing the crawling tasks.

  • Indexing/search server (ARN-INDEXER). This server indexes data in the repository. It is also able to run searches in the same manner as the search server.

  • Web administration server. Server which supports the Web administration tool of the Denodo Aracne crawling and indexing servers.

The servers can be started and stopped using the Denodo Platform Control Center tool. To connect to the administration tool you need to use the user admin with the initial password admin. The default URL for accessing the Web administration tool from a local machine is http://localhost:9090/webadmin/denodo-aracne-admin.

Alternatively, scripts are provided in the path <DENODO_HOME>/bin. There is a (servername_startup.bat file and a servername_startup.exe in Windows) script to start each server and a (servername_shutdown.bat file and a servername_shutdown.exe in Windows) script to stop it. For example, for the server ARN-CRAWLER the scripts are given the names and In order to start and stop the Web administration tool there are scripts and respectively (arn_webadmin_startup.bat and arn_webadmin_shutdown.bat in Windows).

For the server ARN-INDEXER the startup script has a “-clean” option to clean the lock file (write.lock) generated while the index is performing some update. This is useful if the index server is shutdown while it is being updated.

In the case of Windows machines, scripts are included to install the servers as a service. The scripts are given the name <servername>service.bat (e.g. arnservice.bat).

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