Denodo ITPilot enables to extract and structure the data present in Web sources. This process is carried out by constructing an abstraction of the target Web source called a “wrapper” that frees the client applications of the difficulties associated with accessing and extracting the required data.

ITPilot provides a distributed and scalable environment for generating, executing and maintaining “wrappers”. See the ITPilot User Guide and the ITPilot Generation Environment Guide for more information on how to create, install and maintain wrappers using Denodo ITPilot.

This manual describes the Java development API that allows creating clients that use wrappers that have already been generated and installed. The basic guidelines for using the API are given, the main components are described and some examples of use are provided. See the Javadoc documentation for more details on classes, attributes and operations.

Besides, this manual explains how to create ITPilot custom functions.

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