Denodo ITPilot enables easy access to and extraction of data from semi-structured Web data sources. This document is an introduction to application development using wrappers created by Denodo ITPilot.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at developers that want to gain an insight into how applications are developed that make best use of the advanced automation and Web data extraction functionalities provided by Denodo ITPilot. The exact detailed information required to install the system and manage is provided in other manuals, to which reference will be made as the need arises.

Summary of Contents

More specifically, this document:

  • Presents the fundamental steps needed to develop an application that uses the wrappers generated by Denodo ITPilot.

  • Gives a detailed description of how to use the development API offered by Denodo ITPilot.

  • Provides an example of how to develop an application that uses a wrapper installed in a Denodo ITPilot execution server.

  • Details how to create custom ITPilot functions.

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