Extracting Tag Attributes

Apart from extracting the text displayed in the HTML page, it is sometimes useful to extract data from the attributes of HTML tags, such as, for example, the URL of a link. To extract the value of any attribute, the following syntax may be used:

Syntax for HTML attribute extraction

The attributes that can be extracted from the tag are:

  • Any attribute specified in the definition of the tag.

  • Any of the attributes of the HTML tag. These are automatically included in the definition of the format tag, even if they are not explicitly declared.

In our example, to extract the URL of a link (that is defined in the href attribute of the HTML tag ‘a’, and thus is implicitly declared in the ANCHOR tag) into the ‘LINK_TARGET’ attribute of the relation, the pattern to be defined is the following:

Extracting the value of HTML attributes

For more information about extraction of tag attributes, go to the next section.

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