This manual describes in detail the pattern specification language DEXTL used in Denodo ITPilot.

Who Should Use This Manual

This manual is aimed at integrators, project leaders and any professional in general who requires information on the options offered by Denodo ITPilot or on how to use same to extract data from Web sources.

It is assumed that the reader of this manual has basic knowledge of HTML.

Summary of Contents

Chapters Introduction and An Overview of DEXTL: Introduce the problems encountered when extracting data from semi-structured data sources and present the structure of the DEXTL pattern specification language.

Chapter Basic Syntax: Describes and defines the basic syntax of the DEXTL language processing specification language. The chapter incorporates practical examples of its use.

Chapter Advanced Syntax: Presents the advanced features of DEXTL syntax.

Chapter DEXTL Quick Reference Sheets: Includes a printable quick reference sheet for quick access to all the features of the DEXTL language.

Chapter Putting All Together: Summarizes all the concepts of the guide into a single example, covering all the extraction process: from the web source to the result data.

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