Type Conversion Functions

These functions allow for different transformations among different types of data.

  • CAST: This function is given two arguments. The first one specifies the name of a data type and the second one specifies a value to be converted to the provided data type. The following table shows the possible type conversions:
Type conversions permitted with the CAST function
Target Type Source Type
boolean String
double String
float String
int String
url String
long String
String int, long, float, double, boolean, url, Page (retrieves the page’s source code as a String)
Binary Page (retrieves the page’s source code as Binary; to retrieve a binary page as a Binary data type, it must be downloaded by using the Denodo Browser)
Page String (casts a string containing a page source code to a Page object)
Browser String (casts a string containing a browser id to a browserId-type; that can be used in persistent browser management components)