Generating the Access Specification to the Details Page

Once the new Extractor component has been created, assign the examples for the data to be extracted from each message. To do that, highlight the content of a message in its detail page, assign it to a new field of a new example, and import it into the new Extractor wizard.

Sometimes, the generated specification can return more results than expected since it might be too ambiguous. To solve this problem, we can delimit the occurrence search zone the following manner, using the message page as an example:

  1. With the browser started from the Wrapper Generation Tool positioned in the detail page of any message, highlight the text “Headers” in the page, as shown in Adding a FROM pattern.

  2. Press the FROM button. The specification is modified automatically so that the matching search against the pattern is performed only from the zone of the highlighted page. That way, after testing again, the specification obtains the desired results.

Adding a FROM pattern

Adding a FROM pattern

The use of the FROM button is described in more detail in section Generating FROM/TO Patterns.

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