Error Parameters

When a NSEQL command has not been able to execute adequately, it will return an error code regardless of the type of command it is. Specifically, the possible values are the following:

  1. WRAPPER_ERROR (-1): error in the sequence definition (e.g. an href HTML tag is not found in the execution of a ClickOnAnchorByHref command). Whenever the error is not related to a network or server problem, ITPilot will return a WRAPPER_ERROR.

  2. DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT (-2): when accessing a web resource, the maximum waiting time has expired, as it had been configured in the browser pool.

  3. DOWNLOAD_ERROR (-3): there has been some type of error when downloading information from the web.

  4. CONNECTION_ERROR (-4): the connection with the web resource has not been possible.

  5. HTTP_ERROR (-5): the web server has returned an HTTP error code.

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