Adding, Editing and Deleting Servers

In order for the user to connect to a server and be able to configure it, that server must be known to the web administration tool, and must be started and running.

Clicking the image0 button, located below the server list, will show the page depicted in ITPilot servers administration page.

ITPilot servers administration page

ITPilot servers administration page

To add a new server to the tool, the user should click on the image2 button located below the server list (see ITPilot servers administration page). He will be asked for the following information:

  • Type: the type of the server being added: Wrapper Server, Browser pool or Verification Server.

  • Name: server name. Used only to identify it within the web administration tool.

  • Host: host name or host address where it can be found.

  • Port: server listening port.

Server Addition Page

Server Addition Page

This information (except the name) can be modified later by clicking on the image4 button.

Any number of servers can be added as needed, although the architectural considerations in section Distribution of Environments of this document should be taken into account.

Servers can be deleted from the administration tool by clicking on their associated image5 buttons.

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