Control Center Help

The first time you launch the Denodo Platform Control Center you will see the Help screen. If you clear the Show on startup check box, the first thing you will see the next time you launch the Control Center will be the “Custom environments” screen (see section Configuration of Custom Environments for details). To return to the Help screen, click Help on the right side of the Control Center.

Denodo Platform Control Center Help screen

Denodo Platform Control Center Help screen

The “Help” screen is divided in these sections:

  • Documentation & Tutorials

    • Click Documentation to open the on-line documentation in your web browser.

    • Click Tutorials to open the tutorials in your web browser.

    • Click Online help to configure the embedded help included with the Denodo Platform. The section Online Help Configuration for details).

  • License

    • Click License information to display the conditions of your license.

    • Click Install license to install a new license file. Note that when doing so, you have to restart all the modules and tools for the changes to take effect.

Information on the current license

Information on the current license

Online Help Configuration

The location of the help contents can be configured in the online help configuration dialog. By default, the ITPilot Wrapper Generation Tool and the VDP Administration Tool will show the help located in the local web container when requested. Alternatively, a remote help container can be configured. In this case, the help web applications included with the Denodo Platform should be deployed so they become available at <remoteContainerURI>/help/vdp/platform/6.0/vdpadmintool and/or <remoteContainerURI>/help/itp/platform/6.0/itpgentool. The corresponding war files can be found at <DENODO_HOME>/webapps/help.

Online help configuration dialog

Online help configuration dialog

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