Installing Updates and Hotfixes

The Control Center displays the version the latest installed update or hotfix, next to the name of each product.

The updates or hotfixes are released in a zip file, which include the following:

  • A RELEASENOTES file for each module that will be updated. These files describe the bug fixes and enhancements.
  • A jar file that contains the update.
  • Beta updates include a temporary license that allow you install the beta update on a separate environment without interfering with you current deployments.

To install a new update or a hotfix, follow these steps:

  1. Close all the Denodo servers and tools servers that are running on the host where you are going to install the update or hotfix.

  2. Close all the instances of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  3. Although not mandatory, on the production servers we recommend copying the folder of the Denodo Platform before installing a new update.

    This copy will allow you to restore quickly the Platform to its previous state, if necessary.

  4. Decompress the zip file of the update.

  5. Read the RELEASE NOTES file of each product. Pay special attention to the “Postinstallation actions” of each product.

  6. Open the Control Center.

  7. Click Update to open the “Platform Updates” dialog. This dialog lists the updates that have been installed (the last update of the list is the current one).

  8. Click Install and select the jar file of the update. The Control Center will display a dialog with a progress bar.

The section Unattended Installation of Updates and Hotfixes explains how to install an update or a hotfix in a host without graphical support.


If in your environment, the Denodo servers run on one host and the Virtual DataPort administration tool on others, you can have a newer update in the server than in the administration tool and JDBC/ODBC clients. That is, the Denodo server is backward compatible regarding its administration tool and its drivers.