Microsoft Internet Explorer Configuration

When using the IECrawler module of Scheduler and Aracne, its browsers will use the configuration settings of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE):

  • We recommend setting the MSIE home page to a blank page (about:blank). Otherwise, each new browser launched by IECrawler will load the home page before running a sequence.

  • For HTTPS site crawling to work properly, the MSIE preferences must be established to prevent pop-up windows from informing users of the change to secure/insecure mode and to accept digital certificates (if not, the browsers may be blocked). To change this, open the dialog “Internet Options”, on the Tools menu, click the “Advanced Options” tab and then, the “Security” option group.

  • To connect to an FTP server using IECrawler, the Active or Passive connection mode of the MSIE FTP client must be configured. The correct value will depend on the firewall software configuration in the client and in the FTP server. The preferences to establish the MSIE FTP client connection mode are in the “Internet Options” option of the Tools menu, selecting the “Advanced Options” tab and then the “Browse” option group. The MSIE connects in Active mode if the “Enable the list of folders for FTP sites” option is selected, even if the “Use passive FTP” option is selected. If the “Enable the list of folders for FTP sites” option is not selected and the “Use passive FTP” option is selected, the MSIE connects in Passive mode.

  • Due to the fact that the browsers behave in line with the configuration settings of MSIE, the other MSIE security and cookie options should also be taken into account.

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