Installing the Connector for Oracle Essbase

In order to retrieve data from Oracle Essbase, you have to install its connector.

The Oracle Essbase API provides two modes of connecting to Essbase servers. The section Multidimensional Data Sources to Oracle Essbase of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide provides more information about these modes.

The set of drivers you have to install, depend on the connection mode used:

  1. Three-tier APS mode : obtain the ess_japi.jar.

  2. Embedded mode : check the Administration Guide of Oracle Essbase to obtain the list of jars that a Java application needs to connect to Essbase in Embedded mode. Make sure that the version of the Essbase Administration Guide matches the version of your Essbase server because the jars required change depending on the release of Essbase you want to connect to.

After obtaining the appropriate jars, copy them to the Denodo installation:

  • Copy the Oracle Essbase version 9 drivers to the directory <DENODO_HOME>/lib/extensions/essbase-drivers/9

  • Copy the Oracle Essbase version 11 drivers to the directory <DENODO_HOME>/lib/extensions/essbase-drivers/11

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