Installing the XMLA Connector for SAP BW and SAP BI (Multidimensional Sources)

In order to retrieve data from SAP BW or SAP BI using its XMLA interface, you have to install the SAP XMLA connector.


The XMLA adapters for SAP (i.e. “SAP BW 3.x (XMLA)” and “SAP BI 7.x (XMLA)”) have been deprecated and have been removed in Denodo 7.0. We suggest you use the adapter “SAP BI 7.x (BAPI)” instead. To use it, you need to install the SAP JCo connector and not this one.

To install the XMLA connector, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the SAP Business Intelligence Java Software Development Kit (BI Java SDK) distributed with SAP NetWeaver. Refer to your SAP support contact to obtain this package.

  2. Uncompress the package and copy all its jars, including the jars in its subdirectories, to <DENODO_HOME>/extensions/thirdparty/lib/sap-bw-xmla-connector/

  3. Enable XMLA access in SAP. To do this, follow the instructions in the documentation of the connector

  4. Increase the Web service client time out of SAP BW because the default one is too low. Refer to your SAP support contact to obtain detailed information about how configure this.

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