Preparing the Connection to Databases

To connect to a database from Virtual DataPort through its JDBC interface, you need to do this:

  1. You may need to obtain the JDBC driver from the vendor’s website.

    The Denodo Platform does not include the JDBC drivers for all the databases that it supports. The appendix Supported JDBC Data Sources of the Administration Guide lists the databases supported by Virtual DataPort and if its driver is included or not.

  2. You will need a service account with at least READ privileges over the tables and views that you want to access in the database. This account will be used at least, while importing these elements into Virtual DataPort.

  3. If this database is going to be a target of a Data Movement, this service account also requires the privilege to create and delete tables, and insert data in them.

  4. You need to configure Virtual DataPort to run with a Java Runtime Version (JRE) version 8 if:

    1. You are going to connect to the database using Kerberos authentication.

    2. And the service account associated with Virtual DataPort in the Active Directory is configured with constrained delegation.

    The JRE included with the Denodo Platform is Java 7. The section Virtual Machine and Web Container Configuration explains how to change the JRE that Denodo uses to run its Servers and administration tools.


    Only some databases support constrained delegation. The section Connecting to a JDBC Source with Kerberos Authentication of the Administration Guide lists which ones do.

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