Other Preinstallation Tasks

The following subsections describes tasks that you must complete before you install the Denodo Platform:

Upgrading from a Previous Version

If you are upgrading from a previous version, before doing the installation of the new version, read the section Before Installing a new Version of the Denodo Platform of the Migration Guide.

Once you finish the installation, continue with the rest of the procedures explained in the Migration Guide.

Check that the Required Ports are Free

The servers of the Denodo Platform listen for incoming connections on several ports. The appendix Default Ports Used by the Denodo Platform Modules lists the default ports.

Make sure these ports are available on your system. If they are not available, select others that are free during the installation process.

Check the PATH Environment Variable on Windows

Ignore this subsection if you are installing the Denodo Platform on Linux.

If you are installing the Denodo Platform on Windows, check that the PATH environment variable meets these rules:

  1. PATH cannot have double quotes. If it does, the modules of the Denodo Platform will not start. E.g. the following PATH is invalid:

    PATH=path1;"C:\Program Files\Software"

    If PATH has double quotes, remove them.

  2. PATH cannot end with a backslash (\). If it does, the modules of the Denodo Platform will not start as a Windows service.

    If it does, remove the backslash or add a semicolon at the end of the value of the variable.

Select a User Account to Install the Denodo Platform

In the host where you are installing the Denodo Platform servers, create a user account to install and run the Denodo Platform servers.


Always install and run the Denodo Platform servers with the same user account. The reason for this is that the Denodo servers modify files in the directory where they are installed and the user account needs read and write privileges. If you perform the installation with one user account and run the servers with another, the second user account may not be able to modify the files in the installation.

You can also use an existing account instead of creating one; but you must use the same for both installing and running the Denodo Platform servers.

Close all the Browsers

If you are installing any of the components of ITPilot or Aracne, close all the browsers of the host.