Outline of the Migration Process

This document explains the steps required to upgrade to Denodo Platform 6.0 from a previous version.

The upgrade process has four main steps:

  1. Export all metadata from your current Denodo Platform installation.

    In this document, we will refer to the previously installed version of the Denodo Platform as the current version (located in <OLD_DENODO_HOME>).

  2. Install Denodo Platform 6.0 on a new location. See the Installation Guide for detailed instructions on this step.

    In this document, we will refer to the platform that has just been installed, as new version (located in <DENODO_HOME_6_0>).

  3. Import the metadata from the current version to the new Denodo Platform 6.0 (installed at <DENODO_HOME_6_0>).

  4. Configure the new Denodo Platform.


The upgrade process should be done for each of the environments where the Denodo Platform is installed. We strongly recommend migrating and testing the non-production environments before the production environments. If you have any problem with the migration, contact the Denodo Support Team at


If you are going to upgrade from Denodo 4.7 or earlier, contact the Denodo Support Team at

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