Common to All Modules

The following sections describe the new features related to all the modules of the Denodo Platform 6.0.

Information Self-Service Tool

The Denodo Platform 6.0 includes a new tool: the Information Self Service Tool.

This new web tool allows business users to query, search and browse information and meta-information stored in a Virtual DataPort server.

Virtual DataPort has a new predefined role “selfserviceadmin”. The users with this privilege will be able to change the settings of this Tool.

Control Center

The Denodo Control Center has been redesigned to provide a more modern look & feel.


All the modules check that the user launching them has the required privileges over the <DENODO_HOME> directory. If she does not, the module returns an error explaining the problem and does not start.

This prevents starting a service that will only work partially due to a lack of appropriate privileges.

Logging System

Clearer Date Format

By default, all the modules now use a date pattern to write the dates of logs messages. With the new pattern, the dates are easier to read.

The new format is

<year>-<month>-<day of month>T<hour>:<minute>:<second>.<millisecond>.

For example, 2016-03-14T15:09:26.536.

In previous versions, the format was


For example, 20160314150926536.

Stability Improvements: SSL

(Feature available in the second update of the Denodo Platform 6.0, scheduled for April 2016).

Now, when the SSL configuration of a module is not correct, the module does not start.

In previous versions, the module would start but clients would be stuck indefinitely when trying to open a connection.

An SSL configuration is incorrect when at least one these conditions is met:

  • The path to the trust store or they key store is invalid or the files do not exist.

  • Or the password to open the trust store or the key store are incorrect.

Windows Services

When you change the user account that runs the Windows service of a module (i.e. Denodo VQL Server, Denodo Scheduler Server, etc.), you no longer have to change the command run by the service.

In previous versions, the command of the service had the parameter binPath that pointed to the temporary folder of the user that performed the installation. Therefore, if you changed the account, you had to change the value of this parameter.

In this version, this parameters points to a directory in the installation.

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