Embedded Web Container

The following sections describe the new features included in the web container embedded with the Denodo Platform.

New Version of the Web Container: Apache Tomcat 8

The embedded web container has been upgraded to Apache Tomcat 8.0.24. This version provides more stability, better performance and better memory management than the version included in earlier version of the Denodo Platform.

Tomcat Uses One More Port

Now, the embedded web container provides the ability of setting its auxiliary JMX port out-of-the-box. This makes possible to monitor the web container when there is a firewall between the Denodo server and the monitoring tool.

This was possible in previous versions, but only by setting certain environment variables.

The default value of this new port is the 9097.

The appendix “Default Ports Used by the Denodo Platform Modules” lists the TCP/IP port numbers that each module of the Denodo Platform listens for incoming connections.

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