Log Configuration

The logs configuration files for the server is in the path DENODO_HOME/conf/scheduler (where DENODO_HOME specifies the basic installation path). These files are based on Apache Log4j. Among other possibilities, they let you change the path where the log files are stored and the log level for the categories defined in the application. For more information please refer to the documentation of Log4j.

The Web administration tool also has a configuration file log4j.xml to establish the register level of the events generated by this application. This file is found in the directory DENODO_HOME/resources/apache-tomcat/webapps/webadmin/denodo-scheduler-admin/WEB-INF/classes.

By default, the Scheduler server logs all the triggers’ activity (when a trigger is fired, when it is completed and when it is misfired). It is useful to analyze when a job is actually launched or if it is not launched when expected, when testing scheduling strategies. However, if you do not want this information to be logged, you can disable it by deleting the log category org.quartz.plugins (or changing the log level to error).

The Scheduler server generates a file called scheduler.log in the path DENODO_HOME/logs/scheduler.

The administration tool generates two log files:

  • DENODO_HOME/logs/scheduler/scheduler-admin.log. It contains information on running the administration tool.

  • DENODO_HOME/logs/apache-tomcat/denodo-tomcat.log. It contains information related to starting up/installing/stopping the administration tool in the Web server.

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