ITP Extraction Section

The extraction section for ITP-type jobs allows specifying an ITPilot wrapper.

The ITP extraction section is similar to the previous description for VDP-type jobs (see section VDP Extraction Section). The idea is the same, i.e. it allows a set of queries to be defined against the same wrapper of an ITP server, allowing concurrency features and a maximum limit for queries to be configured. The only differences with regard to the VDP wrapper are as follows:

  • A previously created ITP-type Data source needs to be selected.

  • Instead of specifying a parameterized query the name of the wrapper to be queried is indicated (Wrapper name) and the list of wrapper fields that you want to retrieve (Output fields). The list of wrapper fields plays the role of the variables in the parameterized query from the VDP extraction section, and it is for those fields for which it is possible to specify data sources (in the case of the sources for parameters of ITP wrappers, implicit associations are not applicable; it is necessary to always specify associations explicitly).

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